Solar Neighborhood Project

In line with our goals to help Bloomington and the surrounding communities become greener and reduce its collective carbon footprint, ICEY is partnering with the Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) in a project to promote solar power in the Elm Heights/Bryan Park area. SIREN works to promote solar power and educate citizens about the details of energy conservation and solar arrays. (More info about SIREN can be found at

The goal of the Solar Neighborhood project is to increase the number of solar-powered homes in the Elm Heights and Bryan Park neighborhoods. Before our project began, there were already about 20 homes with solar panels in that area, and our original goal was to double that and help 20 more houses go solar. To accomplish this, SIREN helped us negotiate with solar contractors to get a group discount. With lots of homes going solar at the same time, the process is more cost effective for everyone.

To promote this idea, we went door to door canvassing in the neighborhood, andpainting-signs we organized several forums so SIREN could teach residents more about the project.  Our hard work paid off–we’ve had about 30 homeowners in the Elm Heights/Bryan Park neighborhood agree to go solar with us, including Mayor John Hamilton! Moving forward, we’re working on organizing a tour of Elm Heights/Bryan Park as a model solar neighborhood for IU students and parents to promote solar energy in Indiana.