Interfaith Community of Environmentalist Youth


Who are we?

We are an interfaith group of teens based in Bloomington, Indiana. We are concerned about humanity’s negative impact on the climate and are dedicated to reducing it through education and action. We hope to change to these impacts from negative to positive as we work to educate and involve our community in the fight to save the planet.

Our group is made up of teens from a variety of religious congregations, including Congregation Beth Shalom, the Islamic Center of Bloomington, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, St. Paul’s Catholic Center, St. Mark’s United Methodist, and the Trinity Episcopal Church of Bloomington. Some of us are from secular backgrounds.

Our central planning group, which is currently made up of about  a dozen teens and a few adult advisors, meets monthly to plan our events and work on our projects; however, we expand out into the Bloomington community with many others who attend our events and other supporters.

What is our mission?

We are dedicated to reducing humanity’s negative impact on the climate through education and action in our community and beyond.

What are our goals?

We hope to make the biggest impact on our community and world as possible through our action. We hope that we will not only make a difference through our events, but that people who can’t attend or participate in these events will be inspired to make changes in their personal lives to reduce their impact on climate change.

We also hope that more ICEY groups will form throughout the state and nation. We would love to be joined by ICEY Indianapolis, ICEY Fort Wayne, ICEY Carmel, or even ICEY Chicago or ICEY DC.

How can you contact us?


If you have any inquiries regarding our group, or want more information about joining us, please contact us using this contact form or get connected with us on our facebook page!