Mara’s Intro

Hi, readers! My name is Mara Flynn and I’m a junior in high school. I love science, languages, reading, spending time outside, travelling, music, and too many other things to list here. I am one of the original members of ICEY. Let me tell you why. I believe that all the life on this earth — animals, plants, bacteria, and beyond — and all the laws and mysteries of nature are an incredibly amazing miracle and that all the human lives and stories in history are terrible and infinitely beautiful. I believe that all of it is worth saving and that every human on the planet has the responsibility to care for the earth and the many other species we share it with. I know that the things I do in my own life to minimize my impact on the environment are not enough to save the earth from the damage humanity is inflicting, so we need to join together and engage the whole community (school, city, county, state, country) to take action for a sustainable future. I have a lot of hope for what we can accomplish together, and I look forward to it!